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1954 Monark SuperTwin

1954 Monark SuperTwin


1954 Monark Super Twin Motor Bike (ST54)

When Monark Silver King Inc. introduced the Monark Super Twin Monark, they claimed they were "the first in the entire (motor bike) industry to produce and market an absolutely complete motor bike unit that is built, assembled and tested their factory."  Well, eventhough this claim is not true with motor bikes like the MotoMaster by Evinrude coming off the assembly line in the late 1930's, they sure made an incredible motor bike.  The Monark SuperTwin incorporated many technological features for the first time in the industry.  

Our unrestored 1954 Monark Super Twin Motor Bike capture the essence of this beautiful creation. 

  • Motor drive with square tooth gears and steel core
  • Specially designed coaster brake using heavy, thick discs for better braking ability
  • Good Year studded thread heavy duty ballon tires
  • Monark Super Twin speedometer featuring tachometer red line
  • Two-cycle air cooled engine
  • Monkey handlebars
  • Silver Wing fender crest
  • Monark signature pedals
  • Full length sprocket to sprocket chain guard
  • Monark headlight with a Hall's generator
  • Built-in license plate bracket