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Whizzer Wasp 20" Motor Bike

Whizzer Wasp Motor Bike 1960's

Whizzer Wasp - Extremely Rare!
The Whizzer Wasp features a 26" Schwinn frame modified to utilize 20" wheels. Whizzer never put this model in production for the general public. There were only 6 prototypes made.   We own two of the six Whizzer Wasp bikes every produced. 

The second Whizzer Wasp motor bike is shown below.  The Whizzer Wasp below features a few upgrades and modifications to make it safer such as the 5" front and rear coaster brake system; front and rear lights; Echo pipe and Whizzer speedometer.  The most notable upgrade is the modified Whizzer crankset that's wider to better accommodate the Echo pipe and chainguard to ensure a smooth pedal start.  The motor kit is NOS - right out of box. It's an amazing piece of Whizzer history!

  • Some used earlier high-rise handlebars
  • Featured a banana seat to give it the "sting-ray look"
  • Whizzer Wasp was never went into production, as it was overtaken by the invasion of Japanese bikes that flooded the US Market. 

This is one of the two Whizzer Wasp Bikes we own - Second one below

This is one of the two Whizzer Wasp Bikes we own - Second one below

Whizzer Wasp 20"

MikeyBike gives his take on the WHizzer Wasp.  1960's Whizzer Wasp prototype from the Whizzer factory that was not offered to the general public. Made by Whizzer Industries located in Pontiac, MI.