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1950 Huffy Whizzer Video

 Here is a rare 1950 Huffy Whizzer Motorbike that we found at the Memory Lane Swap meet. It's a remarkable motorbike made by Huffy. Most Whizzer motorbikes were mounted on Schwinn WZ bikes, here is a Huffy designed for a Whizzer motor bike. 

Huffy Whizzer Motorbike

Huffy Whizzer

Huffy Model 90 bicycle was made for the Whizzer motorbike kit. Huffy slightly modified the frame, notched rear fender, and added a special crank to clear the belt guard. Huffy added a Morrow rear brake and New Departure model WD front brake were used for stopping and .120 gauge spokes were used for extra strength. Features the optional Whizzer (Stewart & Warner) speedometer and a Delta Rowdy front generator light.  The Huffy Whizzer pictured above is exceptionally rare!