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Martin RoadRunner

Martin Road Runner Chassis

  Martin Manufacturing Company located at 113 W. Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank, California produced the Martin Roadrunner in 1947 and 1948.  The Martin Roadrunner only came as a rolling chassis.  Martin Roadrunner was designed to be compatible with motorbike engines offered by  Whizzer,Marmin, Briggs & Stratton. If you look closely at the design, you will notice how the Martin Roadrunner chassis and fork differ from other motorbike cantilevers frames from the same era like the the Schwinn WZ507 Whizzer (later designed as the S4).  The Martin Roadrunner is "bump start"- starts by pushing, or using a kick or pull starter so the motorcycle doesn't have a crankset/pedal/drivetrain system.  

The frame is also designed so you can use 24" or 26"  wheelbase. The Martin Roadrunner features a unique spring fork to improve the overall riding quality and smoothness on the road.   The fork shown in the picture above is the incorrect fork.  The picture below is an original Martin Road Runner Spring Fork that was also offered as an aftermarket fork for motorbikes. 

 1949 Martin Roadrunner Frame features:

  • Electronically welded all steel tubular frame designed by aircraft engineers
  • "Martin Blue" was most popular color.  Other colors available through special order.
  • Sturmey Archer internal front expanding brake
  • Rear brake foot pedal operated system available with brake shoe or brake band option 
  • 24" wheels with 105 gauge spokes or special order 26" wheel(s)
  • Large messenger-style motorbike saddle
  • Durable rear carrier strong enough to carry a passenger
  • Rear carrier and front fork are designed to accommodate either a 24" or 26" wheel base
  • Compatible with Whizzer "H" and "J" motor kits as well as other motor kits on the market
  • Exhaust pipe extension kit included to accommodate a Marmin motor
  • All Whizzer accessories offered in 1948 fit on the Martin Roadrunner
  • Most popular options include: fly wheel generator light set; leather saddle bags; handlebar with internal compression and throttle controls (designed by Martin);  Whizzer 5" front brake and New Departure WD front brake

Whizzer of Washington advertised the RoadRunner as the "first post-war lightweight motorcycle."

Whizzer of Washington advertised the RoadRunner as the "first post-war lightweight motorcycle."