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1948 Martin Roadrunner Whizzer Motorbike

1948 Martin Roadrunner Whizzer Motorbike

Prior to Schwinn designing a Whizzer-compatible bicycle, Cleveland Welding Company produced the Roadmaster bicycle. 

 Martin Roadrunner was advertised by Whizzer of Washington as the "first post-war lightweight motorcycle."  Above is a picture of a 1948 Martin Roadrunner Motorbike purchased from Davidson's Cyclery in Hanford, California.  What easily sets this Roadrunner apart from most Martin Roadrunner motorbikes is the Whizzer J motor kit with a kickstart as well as all Whizzer upgrades and goodies.  This Martin Roadrunner motorbike is one heck of a ride! 

 1948 Martin Road Runner Motorcycle Specifications:

  • 1948 Martin Road Runner Chassis electronically welded all steel tubular frame designed by aircraft engineers
  • Serial number MMC30-1266
  • "Martin Blue" color scheme
  • Whizzer Model "J" motor with kick-start
  • Whizzer bi-matic clutch
  • Whizzer Echo pipe
  • Whizzer Chrome Gas Tank
  • Right-side mounted Martin Kickstand
  • Whizzer 5" front brake
  • Rear brake food pedal operated system with brake shoe option
  • Whizzer Spedometer (16 miles on the odometer)
  • Do-Ray front light and Whizzer rear light