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1939 Whizzer Model D

1939 Whizzer Model D


First production Whizzer, it's the bike that started it all! Friction wheel drive.

When Martin Goldman and Dietrich Kohlstaat bought out the Whizzer production from Breene-Taylor Engineering Company, they also acquired Henry Schuricht, who had been instrumental in designing the first series.  Henry was involved with all subsequent redesigns and changes, and knew the product well. 

1939 Whizzer Model D - First Production

1939 Whizzer Model D - First Production

1948 Roadmaster Model 226-WH Whizzer Motor Bike

Whizzer RoadMaster

Prior to Schwinn designing a Whizzer-compatible bicycle, Cleveland Welding Company produced the Roadmaster Model 226WH bicycle.  The Model 226-WH feature heavy duty welded constructed frame with indented drive-side chainstay for the Whizzer belt clearance.


Spokes: .105  Heavy unswaged with wide-base rims

Tires: Goodyear Double Eagle heavy duty automotive construction

Fork: Shockmaster spring fork

Carrier: Heavy duty luggage carrier with built-in electric tail light

Headlight/Tail-Light: Battery Operated

Saddle : Deluxe leather saddle

Brake: New Departure Model WD front wheel hub brake

Frame: Standard Roadmaster electronically welded construction

Whizzer (Stewart Warner) Speedometer (optional)

Horn and extra SEISS light (optional)

Frame color: Maroon with White trim  

Whizzer Model H Motor

1948 Whizzer Roadmaster | Model H Motor

1948 Whizzer Roadmaster | Model H Motor

1946 Whizzer WZ Model H Motorbike

Original Whizzer F Motorbike

Original Whizzer F Motorbike

 My father attended the Whizzer Factory Service School in 1948 and 1950, and completed the technical training courses to become fully qualified and authorized to work on any and all Whizzer Motorbikes.  After completing the course, Dietrich Kohlsaat, the President of Whizzer Motor Co., gave my dad one of the factory's Whizzer F motorbike.  This was one of the motorbikes that the Whizzer Factory Service students would use to engage in technical training at the factory.  It hangs in our museum along with my dad's Whizzer Factory Service School Diplomas. 

Original Factory Whizzer F Motorbike |  "Gift given to my father from the President of Whizzer"

Original Factory Whizzer F Motorbike | "Gift given to my father from the President of Whizzer"

1948 Whizzer Pacemaker

1948 Whizzer Pacemaker Motorbike

 Includes 5" brake.  This bike was purchased from an estate sale.  The owner of this bike never owned a car.  This was his only form of transportation.

Whizzer Pacemaker II

MikeyBike explains how Whizzer  redesigned the Whizzer Pacemaker motorbike calling it the  Whizzer Pacemaker II

1947 Whizzer Luxembourg motor bike

 1947 Whizzer Luxembourg motor bike - a very rare Whizzer motobike. Come learn more about this piece of Whizzer history. 

1948 Whizzer Model J WZ motorbike

 Featuring a 1948 Whizzer Model J WZ motorbike with a Bendix light, deluxe rack, Schwinn front brake and speedometer. This is the true Whizzer WZ - model J. Made at the Schwinn factory for whizzer. Bi-light generator and Carter carburetor and J belt guard. 

Whizzer Wasp 20"

MikeyBike gives his take on the WHizzer Wasp.  1960's Whizzer Wasp prototype from the Whizzer factory that was not offered to the general public. Made by Whizzer Industries located in Pontiac, MI. 

The passion for Whizzers

Here is an article that appeared in the Chicago Tribune in 1992 entitled ,   

The Whizzers Of Ahs.  Many of the people mentioned in the article are still Whizzer collectors and meet up a few times a year as a group. 

The Whizzers Of Ahs (pdf)