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Whizzer Service Delivery

Whizzer Service Delivery 1951

 1950 MB 410 Whizzer Service Pick-Up 


  • Bumper Hitch - Special Whizzer design with two hand-screw clamps for easy attachment.  Aluminum finish.  Adjustable to any size bumper. 
  • Dual Carrier Boxes - Heavy guage steel securely bolted to tubular frame which is integral part of chassis. 6"x17.5"x13" each.  Hinged lids with heavy duty snap-action fasteners. 
  • Transmission - Two speed fully automatic transmission for quick starts, rugged hill climbing, or easy cruising.  Simple to operate.  Remains in neutral when motor is idling, automatically shifts to low gear when the throttle is opened.  Is easily shifted to high gear by closing throttle for three seconds after a speed of approximately 15 MPH has been attained.  Built in automatic Clutch.


  • Distinctive, practical design
  • Clamps to bumper in seconds....without tools!
  • Compact Size-Easy to handle
  • Easy to park and ride
  • Carries tools and spare parts for emergency repairs
  • Tows without whip or sway   

 Note: MB 410 Whizzer Service Pick-Up and the MB 411 Whizzer Delivery Unit are identical with the exception that the MB 410 is equiped with bumper hitch and front wheel lock. 

 1950 MB 410 Whizzer Service Pick-Up Bike  | Very Rare - Only 25 produced!

1950 MB 410 Whizzer Service Pick-Up Bike | Very Rare - Only 25 produced!

Whizzer Service Delivery Bike

MikeyBike gives his take on the 1951 Whizzer Service Delivery Bike.  Whizzer only produced 25 of these beauties!